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CASES Product video DIM: Metropolis

DIM: Metropolis

DIM: Metropolis


DIM Company Group builds high-quality, high-tech, consumer-oriented housing for different incomes. Every DIM facility is designed based on the needs and preferences of the future residents of that residential complex.


Depict several days in the life of a family, where the man of the house does his best to make his family happy, while they enjoy their life.


There’s a story behind every window, and we unfolded just one of those stories in detail.

But you can write a story on your own — and, of course, it’s comfier when you do it in your own apartment.


Brand leader: Mykyta Kazmiruk
Creative / art director: Arkadiy Pasichnyk
Producers: Dmytro Kovalenko, Illia Shelpuk, Tetiana Chaikovska
Director: Anastasia Milevskaya
Second director: Anastasia Soviak-Krukovska
Copywriter: Olha Pahalok, Anna Kalinina
Storyboarding: Sasha Kukushkin
Cameraman: Anton Borysenko
Sound: Andriy Borysenko
Gaffer: Kesha Zapotochny
Production designer: Anna Bondarenko
Directed by: Boris Misharin, Tymofiy Chepurniy
Casting director: Oleksandr Pylypenko
Casting manager: Anastasia Kulak
Stylist: Dasha Novikova
Assistant stylist: Oleksandr Ostrovsky
Makeup artist: Oleksandra Zelenska
Actors: Yaroslav Rokitskiy, Yana Kliuchnik, Renata Riabkova
Location manager: Yuriy Rusnak
Focus puller: Taras Khrishcheniuk
Camera mechanic: Sasha Liakhno
Editing: Ivan Semak
Motion graphics: Vlad Khvyshchuk
Color: Kostiantyn Lishchyna
Design: Roman Honcharenko
Equipment: Zodiac Film