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CASES Youtube launch DIM: MIY DIM SHOW / Se.1



DIM Company Group builds high-quality, high-tech, consumer-oriented housing for different incomes. Every DIM facility is designed based on the needs and preferences of the future residents of that residential complex.


The overall real estate marked has several problems, as follows:

  • “Investors are unable to get through to their developer”. All those “lucky ones” have in common is a list of common problems. Every residential complex has a different target customer group, but still every investor has to do their interior work and has questions regarding infrastructure, deadlines, etc.
  • “All is lost!”: investors take it upon themselves to create forums and chats (with no initiative from the developer) where they play havoc among themselves and stir up problems.
  • “Renting is easier than trying to grasp”. There are many people who could afford buying real estate but still choose to rent, due to the abovementioned problems.
  • “Planning is impossible”. Crisis after crisis, significant hryvnia (UAH) devaluation, banks going bankrupt — what will become of the developer? What will become of my mortgage?


Here are the tasks we had to solve by means of YouTube:

  1. create a tool for working with our client’s core audience, namely the investors who paid their money and are now trying to figure out their next steps towards their cozy dream home
  2. form a community of investors, on the bedrock of shared cause and common goals
  3. eliminate panic among investors
  4. establish our client’s position as a knowledgeable friend.


While performing the statistical study, we took notice that most developers only care about signing the deal, and lose any interest in their investors right after, moving on to the next prospective client.

We took to capacity building of communicating with investors and addressing as much of their problems and needs as possible. This strategic decision, both simple and uncommon in the industry, helped us turn the investors into our client’s brand ambassadors who are happy to bring in their friends (and future neighbors).





Our features are specifically designed to involve the overall target audience:

  • HOME IMPROVEMENTS FROM SCRATCH — power leveling the “brick box of empty white walls”. This feature is focused on young investors with home improvements on their agenda. Our cast members, Ira and Maksym, are in the process of home improvements in their very real one-bedroom apartment in the Park Lake City housing complex.
  • STAGES OF CONSTRUCTION — providing detailed description of each construction phase for each housing complex. That’s something far more interesting than the typical aerial videos or, say, a dozen photos from the construction site. This feature is focused on investors, both current and prospective.
  • REAL ESTATE DIGEST — an independent expert reviews the real estate market in terms of investment attractiveness. This feature is focused on people who are currently renting and never thought about buying an apartment of their own.
  • MARKET EXPERTS — individuals who take the quality of life to a new level, on both global and Ukrainian scale: architects, brokers, foremen, interior designers, urban planners. This feature is focused on every target audience.
  • HOW WE DO IT IN DIM — explaining the design bureau’s concepts, why things are done in a particular way, materials and technologies used in modern homes. This feature is focused on every target audience.


Director: Arkadiy Pasichnyk
Art director: Ivan Semak
Copywriter: Anna Kalinina
Producer: Dmytro Kovalenko
Cameraman: Volodymyr Kalischuk
Second cameraman: Vitaliy Tovchyha
Sound: Andriy Kozubovsky
Makeup artist: Oleksandra Zelenska
Editing: Polina Semak, Ivan Semak
Motion graphics: Vlad Khvishchuk
Designer: Roman Honcharenko